Conquering chronic pain with Qigong

A few days ago Jake contributed this testimonial:

"Lok-Kwan opened up a world of relief I did not think was possible with my neurological pain disorder (specifically a progressive disease of the sympathetic nervous system).  After my first Qigong session I felt pain relief and continue to use his Qigong instructions and breathing techniques daily.
For over a decade I tried countless medicines, opioids, surgeries and procedures from the "best" specialists in the Midwest.  Lok-Kwan was the first to bring me consistent relief, and I am eternally grateful for him."

- Jake

Working with a patient to overcome chronic pain is no less than a spiritual journey and I thank Jake for being my dedicated companion and, yes. teacher: I have learnt as much as he in this adventure. Jake is determined and dedicated and he achieved much within a rather short period of time. An important point he made in his testimonial is that Qigong excels over other conventional therapies. So wonderful and empowering to conquer a disease yourself with no drugs, no side effects and no invasive procedures. 



Neuro-Acupuncture for Stroke

Neuro-Acupuncture treatment for motor and sensory loss from stroke requires few needles. Muscle tightness and rigidity can be a result of confused impulses: opposing muscle groups are simultaneously activated. Improvements in muscle relaxation and range of movement are commonly seen within a single treatment. Recovery of strength and normal muscle group coordination is more gradual. Gains achieved in Neuro-Acupuncture treatment of stroke are usually permanent. They keep building up. Photo shows a typical treatment for left upper and lower limbs motor loss from stroke.

Neuro-Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for tinnitus

It is a common belief that tinnitus is not treatable. Here are two recent cases treated with Neuro-Acupuncture that brought dramatic improvements with only a few sessions.

46 yr old man suffered from dizziness, left ear tinnitus and hearing loss for 5 years. He was not able to talk on the  phone on that ear. Had 2 episodes of vertigo in the past 12 months. Patient was anxious about needles so at the first treatment only two needles were used.  Ear Shen Men was needled on the right ear and the Left Hearing and Vertigo area was stimulated. When Patient came for his second appointment the following week he reported that symptoms got worse for a day after the first treatment but then started improving. He said that they were 80% better (Patient is a mathematician) and can use the phone on his left ear. At the second treatment the same two points were used with the addition of the Right Hearing and Vértigo Area. One week later at the third appointment he said he was 90% better. Now he had to listen intently before he could notice the tinnitus. 3 tx so far in the past 3 weeks. Another week later at the fourth treatment he said he was satisfied with the improvements because he had not felt dizzy for weeks and now he was bothered only when the tinitus was at its worse.

Tried and true treatment for inflamed sinus problems: sinusitis, rhinitis, loss of taste, loss of smell

LV3, LI4, Yingxiang needle through to Bitong, Head Area (Scalp). That's all. Works every time. Also add some of these points to the standard protocol when treating loss of taste and smell. Herbal Formula: Bi Yan Wan.


Discovery of a lymphatic system in the brain helps explain how neuro-acupuncture works

The latest discovery and location of a lymphatic system in the brain may explain how neuro-acupuncture works in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The lymphatic system of the body circulates and filters the fluid that bathes body cells to remove toxins and fight infection. Brain cells, just like body cells, produce waste products as a result of metabolic functioning but until most recently no brain lymphatic system had been found . In October 2017 researchers at the U.S. National Institute Neurological Disorder and Stroke published their discovery of a system of lymphatic vessels that is embedded in the dura mata, the leathery membrane that covers the brain (see linked report). Daniel Reich, the senior researcher of the group, is an expert in inflammatory brain disease, specifically multiple sclerosis (MS). He suggests that an important element in MS as well as other neurodegenerative diseases may be a failure in the brain lymphatic system. If so, maintaining healthy functioning of the brain lymphatic system may help prevent and treat these diseases.

The dura mater that contains the brain lymphatic vessels lies right next to the boney skull. In neuro-acupuncture, pins are inserted in the scalp to stimulate the underlying brain cells. But even before stimulation reaches the neurons it has to pass through the dura mata and in doing so activate the brain lymphatic system there. This is probably one important way neuro-acupuncture creates its effects: promoting immunity and waste-removal functions in the brain.

Scalp Acupuncture Treats Pain

Neuroacupuncture, also known as scalp acupuncture, may be the most effective treatment for pain. I just treated two patients: one with stomach pain from cancer, the other with angina. The effect was immediate, pain gone within seconds like turning off a switch. Neuroacupuncture is a modality that integrates traditional acupuncture with neuroscience. I use it for post stroke and brain surgery therapy and have just started to use it to treat visceral pain. It's been amazing!


Amazing how easy scalp acupuncture like this can have immediate effects on so many neurological conditions.

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