I specialize in Neuro-Acupuncture. I have used it for ten years to help stroke and brain surgery patients recover. Neuro-Acupuncture is based on classical Chinese acupuncture techniques and neuroscience. It is also called Scalp Acupuncture because it is done by inserting needles into the fatty layer of the scalp to stimulate underlying brain cells.


Drop a pebble into a pond and you see ripples. The effects of acupuncture are just as immediately felt. Migraines, anxiety, sleep disorder, allergies, digestive and bowel problems all respond quickly. Acupuncture has been used and continuously refined for over 5,000 years. Administered by a well-trained acupuncturist, it is a powerfully effective treatment with no bad side-effects, not only for common maladies but also for chronic, degenerative diseases.

Inner Gate Qigong

For over 2,000 years the Chinese have practiced Qigong movements as exercise, meditation, and cure for all diseases.Inner Gate Qigong resonates with the vibrations of cosmic and natural events: the dance of the galaxies, the changing of the seasons, the waxing and waning of day and night. Our life processes are governed by the same laws. The internal realization of this correspondence holds the key to health and enlightenment.
Qigong instruction is offered on a private, one on one basis with all practice and materials tailored to the health and spiritual needs of the individual student.
Here's a testimonial for Inner Gate Qigong: "For over two years, I have been studying Qigong with Lok-Kwan Cheng. I began the study to assist in combating a diagnosis of Stage 3-B Lung Cancer. The work in Qigong allowed me to sustain energy and strength during a brutal year-long battle with chemotherapy and radiation. The result was surgery where none had been possible and a recovery that allows me to begin to breathe in a normal manner. Now cancer free, I continue to work with Qigong and Lok Kwan and each session brings new discoveries and a stronger sense of well-being. I urge the long-term commitment to this study, for it is only in the long term that the true benefits and power of Qigong begin to be clear. Qigong is an affirmation of life and of the great powers of healing that exist around us and in us. Lok-Kwan Cheng is a miracle!"
- Bud Beyer, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University

Oriental Bodywork

The magic of bodywork springs not from style but an intimate understanding of the anatomy and energetics of the body. Both Shiatsu and Tuina bodywork are good for relaxation, de-stressing, energy balancing and revitalization.

Chinese Herbs

Unlike western herbalism which usually prescribes the use of single herbs, Chinese herbalism almost always combines a number of herbs as a formula. The herbs contained in a formula are like characters in a story. Each herb has its own vector of movement and vibrational resonance and together they orchestrate a symphony for healing.