Lok-Kwan opened up a world of relief I did not think was possible with my neurological pain disorder (specifically a progressive disease of the sympathetic nervous system).  After my first Qigong session I felt pain relief and continue to use his Qigong instructions and breathing techniques daily.

For over a decade I tried countless medicines, opioids, surgeries and procedures from the "best" specialists in the Midwest.  Lok-Kwan was the first to bring me consistent relief, and I am eternally grateful for him. 

Cheryl Bradford

"I cannot begin to understand how I was healed, but am forever grateful to Lok-Kwan and his treatment."

Lymphedema patient

Never in my life I remember wearing a pair of tall boots because they never fit my leg. I bought a pair today and they fit me. Am crying out of joy. Thank you for all your help! You have no idea what this means to me.

Suzanne R

"Lok-Kwan has a great sense of humor and an ease of manner that I would think would be required to put needles in a four year old."


'Amazing! Loving the huff & puff qigong dance! I did it yesterday and today first thing in the morning for only 5 minutes - it totally makes my belly softer!'

Michael H

'My shoulder is getting so much better! Good enough for me to do the butterfly stroke!'

Tony Pope

"Lok-kwan's treatment of my chronic pain and the side-effects of opioid pain medication use were extremely effective. But more than this, seeing Lok-kwan on a regular basis has vastly improved my overall health and well being."

Sharon Kates

"Lok-Kwan's treatments have restored me to a self I had long forgotten."