Lok-Kwan offers acupuncture treatment that gets immediate results. ‘Lok-Kwan’ means ‘happily serving the people’, a reminder that we're here to nourish each other as we discover ourselves.

Lok-Kwan performing Flying Shiatsu at Isla Mujeres


"Lok-Kwan makes you feel very comfortable. He combines the best of science and art in his work as an acupuncturist. I always recommend him with out reservation."

Phyllis Lobdell

Acupuncture and Energy Medicine

Acupuncture works by mobilizing and regulating the energetic system of the body to prevent and treat disease. Drop a pebble into a pond and you see ripples. The effects of acupuncture are just as immediately felt. The medicine I offer is 'rooted in the Spirit', meaning that the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects are always taken into consideration in understanding and treating a disease. Complex and difficult conditions become treatable when we understand that they are not separate entities but stages of transformation. Whether the problem is migraines, high blood pressure, low back pain, anxiety, insomnia, low energy, or hair loss, knowing how diseases move and mutate within the body to affect different functions and organs points the way to cure. Energy medicine is not deterministic. It is an open system that allows for transformation. There are always alternative ways to understand and solve a problem. There are always possibilities for change.

Lok-Kwan has two office locations. The Lincoln Park office is right by Lakeview and DePaul and only ten minutes from downtown Chicago. The Wilmette office is centrally located to serve Evanston, Winnetka, Glenview, and Glencoe. Weekend and evening hours are available. To contact Lok-Kwan, call 847 323-9297 or use the 'Contact' tab at the bottom of the page.

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Make a New Year resolution that works

Your New Year resolution must clearly communicate your goals to your inner psyche. Done right it works like magic, otherwise it won't. Follow these three easy steps to make your resolution:

1. DO MAKE A RESOLUTION  If there is nothing you want to change, improve, achieve, you don't need to make one. Otherwise you should because it is powerful magic. Don't shortchange yourself!

2. USE POSITIVE LANGUAGE  Set your goal in positive language. That means you will do something or achieve something.  Do not say you will not do something or avoid something. For example, your resolution is to stop smoking but since that is negative language you can say 'I will build fresh healthy lungs'. Just think about the benefits you're trying to obtain by breaking a bad habit and you can come up with a resolution in positive language.

3. IN FIVE WORDS ONLY  Allow no more than five words for a resolution. This way there is no room for qualification or equivocation and you will be communicating to your inner powers clearly. The resolution may be in the form 'It is most important for me to _ _ _ _ _', five words. The stop smoking example above has only four words 'build fresh healthy lungs'.

Happy 2017!