Hand numbness

Here are two cases of numbness of the arm/hand that were resolved with only one acupuncture treatment.

The first case involved a 33 years old mother who just gave birth to her first baby seven days before. While she was pregnant she developed carpal tunnel in both hands. Conditions worsened and now she had no sensation in one hand and little in the other. She started to regain sensation as the acupuncture treatment proceeded. At the end of the treatment her hands could feel again. She was very happy and said: "Now I can feel my baby!"

The second case also involved a woman in her thirties. Many years ago she had sustained nerve damage in her right arm from operating a machine in a glass factory. She was now a professional photographer and had to carry and operate weighty equipment when she worked. In recent weeks she lost sensation in the fingers of her right hand. A similar treatment was given and she regained sensation at the end of treatment.

In both treatments I relied on Master Tung's acupuncture points needling far away from the affected areas. I use Master Tung point 70% of the time because I find them to be much more effective than regular fourteen channel points. (Please see 'Tung's Acupuncture' under 'Acupuncture' on this website.)